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Self Esteem
The Key To Student Success By Bill Nave


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Generic Learning and Teaching Journals

A very comprehensive list of journals on higher education is provided at
A Selection are offered below:

Active Learning in Higher Education
The ILT Journal, Active Learning in Higher Education, is published by Paul Chapman Publishing, a SAGE Publications company, and is provided free to ILT members. Active Learning was previously used as the title of the CTI Journal and an archive of CTI Active Learning is available from the public resources area of the ILT website.

Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education
The journal publishes papers and reports on all aspects of assessment and evaluation within the various disciplines representative of higher education. The purpose of the journal is to help advance understanding of assessment and evaluation practices and processes, particularly in the contribution they make to student learning, and staff and institutional development. The journal is aimed at all higher education practitioners, irrespective of discipline, and sets out to provide readily accessible, up-to-date information about significant developments within the field, with a view to the sharing and extension of evaluated, innovative practice.

Educational Research Abstracts Online
Educational Research Online is a comprehensive database comprising over 21,000 high-quality abstracts which cover the current international research in education. ERA includes abstracts from seven top international abstracting journals which scan over 700 journals. From 2001, ERA will also include additional abstracts not published in the print editions.

Learning and Skills Research Journal
Published by the Learning and Skills Development Agency (LSDA) the Learning and Skills Research Journal is an innovative journal in the learning and skills sector and for lifelong learning. Contributions come from a wide range of colleges, universities, independent research agencies, TECs and community-based organisations. Emphasis is given to concise statements of the findings of projects to help busy practitioners make better use of research.

Skills & Education Network Newsletter
The Network has members from all types of organisations including local and central government, Learning and Skills Councils, business and industry groups, education establishments, careers and guidance services, training and learning providers and employers.
The Skills and Education Network newsletter includes the latest learning and skills evidence, best practice, news, events, resources and opportunities.

Educational Technology Journals

ALT J (Association for Learning Technology Journal)
ALT-J is an international journal devoted to research and good practice in the use of learning technologies within higher education. Published three times yearly and contains articles, review articles, reviews and short notes.

British Journal of Educational Technology
The British Journal of Educational Technology provides readers with the widest possible coverage of developments in international educational and training technology. BJET is a primary source for academics and professionals in learning technology. Published five times yearly. Contents/Abstract

Computers and Education
Published eight times a year. The journal is an established technically-based, interdisciplinary forum for communication in the use of all forms of computing. The Editors welcome any papers on cognition, educational or training systems development using techniques from and applications in any technical knowledge domain.

Innovations in Education and Teaching International
Published four times a year IETI is for all practitioners and decision makers who want to stay informed about the developments in education and training. It is the official journal of the Staff and Educational Development Association ( The content includes a range of perspectives, and important contributions on new developments in educational technology.

Interactive Educational Multimedia
Published biannually the Interactive Educational Multimedia is a journal intended as a space for dialogue and reflection about the application of the multimedia technologies in education. The publication is open to all investigators who wish to propose articles on this subject. The articles are about subjects related to educational multimedia, hypermedia, learning, design, didactics, teaching and evaluation of the new technologies when applied in education. ICM is edited by the Multimedia Teaching and Learning Group University of Barcelona (ICE).

International Forum of Educational Technology & Society (IFETS)
An on-line quarterly. Discusses the development and implementation of educational systems. IFETS encourages discussions on the issues affecting the educational system developer (including AI) and education communities. While recognising that this brief might be seen as too broad, it is proposed to conduct multiple discussion threads on more specific topics. This approach helps in developing specific aspects concerning the design and implementation of integrated learning environments while sharpening the overall vision about the purpose and processes of education. The discussions are aimed to be definitive and helpful in reaching some conclusions. The discussions are structured in the form of problem definition, fixed term discussions focusing towards some conclusive end. The conclusions are then put in concrete form for public dissemination. Contents/Abstracts

Journal of Computer Assisted Learning
The Journal of Computer Assisted Learning is a quarterly, peer-reviewed, international journal which covers the whole range of uses of information and communication technology to support learning and knowledge exchange. It aims to provide a medium for communication between researchers and the practitioners and to foster collaborative research. It is a rich source of material for research students in areas such as collaborative learning, knowledge engineering, open, distance and networked learning, developmental psychology and evaluation. Contents

Journal of Computer Mediated Communication
An online journal publication. Articles submitted to JCMC should make a contribution to knowledge in the field of computer mediated communication. Acceptable articles will most frequently join theoretical analysis with empirical investigation, and/or incorporate demonstration or simulation. Reviews, synthesis, and meta-analyses of prior research are also welcome. Contents

Journal of Education Multimedia and Hypermedia
JEMH is designed to provide a multidisciplinary forum to present and discuss research, development and applications of multimedia and hypermedia in education. The main goal of the Journal is to contribute to the advancement of the theory and practice of learning and teaching using these powerful and promising technological tools that allow the integration of images, sound, text, and data. Contents/Abstracts

Journal of Technology Education
The Journal of Technology Education provides a forum for scholarly discussion on topics relating to technology education. Manuscripts focus on technology education research, philosophy, theory, or practice. In addition, book reviews, editorials, guest articles, comprehensive literature reviews, and reactions to previously published articles are published.



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