How to use the Journal

***A blog is the same thing as an online log, an online journal or a Weblog.
They are all an online place to store information.***

*When you logon to the Journal system you will have access to 3 seperate areas...
  1. Your private log - is *private* (1 member = you)
  2. Links - is *public* (many members = whole study group) to post interesting links relevant to the project's interests.
  3. The Seminar room is *public* (many members = whole study group) to post items of interest to the whole study group.
    *It is possible there may be more visible at times

    There are 2 steps in working with the multi-blogs

    1. You need to choose the action tab
    2. You need to choose the blog you want to work in

The best way to learn to use a blog is to experiment and experience it.
Go ahead and plunge in to try it out.

  • Attempt a new entry to your private log. (hint: use the “write” tab and make the blog you want active).
  • Save it and then try to view it.
  • Can you try and edit your last post.

There are then two types of screen the write and the edit/view

"Write" screen

  • In the “write” screen you can make a NEW ENTRY to the currently active blog.

"Edit / View" screen

  • The “edit” screen is where you view the entries in the blog.
  • You also can edit your entries on the “edit” screen by clicking the edit button below the edit entry box.
  • The “edit” screen is also where you can add a comment to an entry.


Now that you have made an entry you have the skills to use your journal. (but the password does not show)

Explore your blog have a look at the other features:

User Profile screen: In this screen you can edit your profile and change your password. (but the password does not show)

*Warning - if you change or forget your password you will need to email jack Seddon at to get a new one.


Any problems or questions... Email Jack at:
Logon to your project Weblog (Evolution2 Blog)