Approx time total: 2 hours

Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to try and plan ways to improve how we might teach. We will Consider what you have found out about your teaching especially from the Mid-Semester Review Questionnaire and then attempt to plan a possible course of action of how the learning experience you provide for your students can be improved. Journals

PART A 1hr

Reflecting upon your teaching & consideration of data you have collected on your teaching

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Make notes on the following questions in your journal as you consider the responses you collected of the Mid-Semester Review Questionnaire:

    1. Are there responses that are repeatedly the same?
    2. Are there responses that seem to point to similar issues in the learning environment/experience?
    3. Can you see any other patterns appearing in the responses?
    4. Are there any responses that stick out as important or lead you to think of a particular issue?
    5. Consider what you noticed in light of your understanding of teaching and learning and note anything of interest.
      * At this point you may find it useful to look back over your journal entries to reflect on your thinking from earlier in the project and compare it with the ideas you have found during these activities.

PART B 1hr

Reflecting and devising improvements to your teaching


Development for the future

Armed with your analyses of the Mid-Semester Review Questionnaire can you consider each issue that you identified and plan how some of the solutions and improvements could be implemented to improve your teaching strategies.
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Please add any notes of your plans in your journal.


Journals anytime!

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